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Registration Fee: A $20.00 fee per student is required with registration forms to reserve class space. A registration is not considered complete and class is not reserved until this fee is paid.

Insurance: It is required that all dance students be covered by their own families insurance policies.

Cancelled classes: If the studio must be closed due to bad weather, illness, etc. You will receive a phone call or email. It will also be posted on our website and facebook. A make-up class will be scheduled by your instructor. Make-up classes are not scheduled for student absences.

Holidays: Will generally follow (Perrry Township) school schedules. Holiday dates will be posted and notes will be given to all students prior to the holiday periods.

Class Observation: Parents' observation days will happen at various times throughout the year. Observation times will be announced and posted prior to the class. Observing the class at other times is not allowed. Competition classes will not have parent observation days. 

Attendance: Is taken at the start of each class and recognition will be given at recital for perfect and honor attendance. Classes cannot be "made-up" for this award. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class. Please make every effort to have your dancer at every class. Awards are also given at recital for participation at the studio.

Class Size: Is limited to 10 students per instructor. If a class exceeds the 10 student maximum, an assistant instructor will also be present. A minimum of 5 students is required for a class to exist.

Other: If you eat or drink in the studio PLEASE pick-up after yourself, to help keep the studio clean. No food or drinks in the dance rooms. NO GUM CHEWING IN CLASS.

Recital: All students are invited to participate in our annual recital presented in June. Although participation in the recital is voluntary, it is extremely important for the complete education of all students. It is our hope and desire that all students will want to perform.

Costumes and Recital Fees: Costumes are ordered from a catalog or are professionally made and must be purchased by the students. Costumes vary in cost from $45.00 on up. There will be a recital fee per family which allows you to bring as many guests to the recital as you want.

Tuition: Is due at the first lesson of each month. If your tuition is not paid by the third lesson a late fee will be assessed, and your dancer will be pulled from the class until your account is current.

Checks: If checks are returned there will be a $20.00 service charge.

Discounts: Are offered to families and students taking more than 3 classes. Only one type of discount per family.