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Practice wear is required for all classes.

If proper dance apparel is not worn you may not participate in class. This is for the dancers safety!

Girls: leotard and tights (no baggy clothes or school clothes over dance wear)

Boys: fitted t-shirt, shorts or pants (no baggy clothes or school clothes over dance wear)

Ballet shoes: if you take ballet, pre-dance, or combo1,2,3.

Tap shoes: if you take tap, combo 1,2,3,4

Jazz shoes: if you take jazz , or combo 4

Acrobatic shoe: if you take acro

Jazz shoe or Dancesneaker: if you take hip-hop, or cheer/pom

Lyrical shoe: if you take lyrical or contemporary

Clogging shoe: if you take clogging

All students hair must be tied back and secured for class.

Shoes and practice wear can be obtained at Center Stage Dancewear

Color of shoes and practice wear is up to the individual dancer and is not specified what color for class. However, for recital or competition you will have to have shoes and tights to match your costume.